As a third generation Jacksonville native and home builder, Andy Reynolds has been working in the construction business for over 27 years. Actually, Andy has been in construction most of his life – even as a child working on-site with his father. At age 18 he graduated high school and started on a framing crew. At 21 he started his own interior trim company, and has been running it successfully now for over 24 years.

Andy keeps to very specific standards for Reynolds Trim Co.’s projects: A strict policy of a drug-free workplace, field superintendents operating at every job, and he makes sure his workers specialize in all areas of trim carpentry – be it standard trim and moulding, custom built-in cabinets, entertainment or staircases. We specialize in both custom and production homes

Awards: 2005 Vendor of the Year (Engle Homes)

Robert Milligan

Project Manager, Woodside North Florida Builders

“I have worked with Andy and his organization, Reynolds Trim Co. for many years now. When he tells me something will be done, I trust him implicitly. His character and work ethic cannot be matched in our market. And his quality and responsiveness keep us coming back.”